4F - your new movement community

4F - your new movement community

Your new 4F movement community has expanded its team!

Dozens of participants accepted the 10km challenge, creating a real celebration around the starting line in the PORT Mall yard.

The spring air, the sun lured by the enthusiasm of the athletes, the intrigued children, the prepared route, the partners in positions – all created a memorable launch of the Polish sports brand 4F found in PORT Mall..

"Sport is in our DNA and not by chance. It is part of our way of being. The decision to bring 4F to Moldova starts from the desire to make the sport even more popular in the country. The presence of the brand here gives sports lovers access to a product of a unique combination of quality, technology and design. And if 4F is a quality chosen by Olympians, why wouldn't we enjoy a brand tested by the best", said Ștefan SCHIDU, co-founder of 4F Moldova.

The non-competitive run of 5 and 10Km, as well as the 800-meter run, organized for the little ones, energized everyone equally, the homogenization of the community reaching high levels after the happy starts, organized with the support of the Preturia Sectorului Ciocana.

Kamila BIALEK - Global Export Director 4F also participated in the event:

"Today, I'm excited to share with you the remarkable journey of a brand that has become synonymous with innovation, resilience and excellence in the world of sportswear. The 4F has captured the hearts of athletes and enthusiasts worldwide with its cutting-edge design and unwavering commitment to quality. At the heart of 4F's success is a culture of adaptability and strategic management, principles that have guided the brand through numerous challenges and propelled it to new heights of success."

Following the echoing launch, but also the route taken by the participants, the athletes made it clear that they want more continuity, especially if the expansion of Mircea cel Bătrân boulevard will be hastened.