Mall rules

1. Definition of terms

Administration - duly authorized representatives and employees of the owner of the TOK (TOV "TRY O"), who act on his behalf and in his interests;

Building - a building of a commercial and office complex ( TOK) located at the address: Kyiv, Sportivna square, 1-А.

TOK is a commercial and office complex that includes a business center, a shopping and entertainment center, a parking lot and is located at : Kyiv, Sportivna Square, 1-А.

BC – Business center, which includes the thirty-five-story part of the TOK building (the part of the building (Tower A) from the side of Basseina Street, as well as the office part (Tower B) on floors from the ninth to the fourteenth).

Visitor is any natural person staying on the territory of TOK.

Building owner - Limited Liability Company "TRY O ", identification code of a legal entity: 23167814, located at the address: 01001, Kyiv city, Pecherskyi district, Sportivna square, 1-A.

Shopping mall/business hours - hours of active business of shopping mall/business center, when permitted access of Visitors to the territory of the shopping mall or business center.

Common areas - premises, areas and territories of the Shopping and entertainment center, set aside by the Building Owner for general use by Visitors with mechanical devices, corridors, landings, stairs, halls located on them , elevators, escalators, travolators, corridors, basements, fire exits located in the Building, as well as parking lots, driveways, roads, sidewalks, farm yard, areas for garbage collection and removal, landscaping and improvement elements, and other objects located on the territory of the mall.

Restricted access zones - premises, areas and territories of the mall, access and stay in which are limited and are carried out in accordance with the procedure established by the Administration.

Parking - a set of specially equipped and equipped parking spaces located in the Building and intended for the organized temporary parking of Visitors' and Tenants' vehicles.

Rules - valid Rules and conditions for visitors' stay on the territory of the shopping center with all subsequent changes and additions.

A selfie is a type of photograph, a self-portrait, taken with the help of a smartphone camera, camera or web camera. It can be taken by photographing both one's own appearance and its reflection in a mirror.

Security Service - an organization engaged by the Owner of the Building to protect the TOK.

Shopping mall - a shopping and entertainment center located in the fourteen-story part TOK building (part of the building on the side of Sportivnaya Square). On the territory of the shopping center there is a shopping gallery, restaurants and cafes, a cinema, a bowling alley, a children's area, a supermarket.

Shelter - a part of the TOK designated by the Administration for the time of martial law is specially equipped for the temporary stay of people during the "Airborne alarm" signal with for the purpose of protection against dangerous factors (including means of damage).

Food court - a food area in a shopping mall, where visitors are offered services by several food establishments that have a common dining hall.