We start the unique experiences with FREE TRANSPORT to the biggest Mall in the country!

PORT MALL offers absolutely free buses for all visitors and loyal customers.

Our goal is for you to enjoy any trip, that's why we provide you with the safest means of transport!

The available routes are designed to get you to your destination in the shortest possible time, avoiding congested streets.

Hours of Operation

Daily from PORT MALL: Hours 08:30 - 23:00

Available Routes

PORTMALL buses operate on three main routes: Ciocana, Râșcani and Poșta Veche.

The traffic route covers three main areas in the city and ensures fast travel, avoiding urban congestion.

1. Traffic route Ciocana sector:

  • Tour: PORT Mall - Bucovinei Street - Nicolae Milescu Spătarul Street - Nicolae Sulac Street - Professor Ion Dumeniuc Street - Igor Vieru Street - Ciocana District Court - Petru Zadnipru Street - Ginta Latină Street - Alecu Russo Street - Mihail Sadoveanu str
  • Return: Mihail Sadoveanu str. - bd. Mircea cel Batrin - Pretura sec. Ciocana - Petru Zadnipru Street - Ciocana District Court - Igor Vieru Street - Professor Ion Dumeniuc Street - Nicolae Milescu Spătaru Street - Bucovinei Street - PORT Mall

2. Poșta Veche Sector Route: 

Outbound: PORT Mall - Socoleni Street - Studenților Street - Ceucari Square - Iazului Street - Calea Orheiului Street - Vasile Badiu Street - Renașterii Naționale Street - Calea Orheiului Street 

Inbound: Calea Orheiului Street - Renașterii Naționale Street - Vasile Badiu Street - Calea Orheiului Street - Iazului Street - Ceucari Street - Studenților Street - Socoleni Street - PORT Mall

3.Râșcani Sector Route: 

Outbound: PORT Mall - Studenților Street - Moscow Avenue - Matei Basarab Street - Miron Costin Street - Bogdan Voievod Street - Kiev Street 

Inbound: Kiev Street - Moscow Avenue - Miron Costin Street - Matei Basarab Street - Studenților Street - PORT Mall

Soon, you will be able to check our displays at public transport stations and on our official website for detailed maps of the routes and stops.

Discover something new with every free trip to the biggest Mall in the country!