ADVENTICA - the largest Entertainment Center

ADVENTICA - the largest Entertainment Center

PORT MALL hosts the largest family entertainment center in Moldova - ADVENTICA! This European network, focused on the principle of shared fun, allows parents to accompany their children on the playground!

Cutting-edge technology, spacious play areas, and attractions provide every child with the opportunity to explore a world full of adventures and unique experiences.

What sets ADVENTICA apart from other Entertainment Zones?

The center includes a complex and diverse play space, both educational and active, which allows direct parent involvement!

From catering to creative activities, interactive zones, and puzzles - everything for efficient family time!

The playground inside PORT MALL covers an area of over 2,400 m2. It features thrilling slides, tracks for electric cars, mysterious mazes, and interactive games.

Here, you can also organize birthday parties, numerous children's areas, and a relaxation space for parents!