STROYKA PARTY - an event to present the PORT MALL project

In a relaxed atmosphere, on the country's largest terrace, the PORT MALL team presented their overall project!

At the "STROYKA PARTY" event, over 200 businesspeople from the country and abroad, partners, tenants, and future Mall customers participated!

All the guests enjoyed a comprehensive program with live music, refined wines, and selected snacks!

The meticulously planned party became a unique experience for both organizers and participants!

Why is PORT MALL a unique project? Because it covers an area of approximately 41,000 square meters and is designed for around 15,000 visitors per day. Impressive, isn't it?

This large-scale mall is built according to high international quality standards!

Inside the mall, you can shop, dine in over 10 restaurants or on the terrace with a view of the city, watch your favorite movies, spend time with your family, visit a beauty salon, or even pay your bills at the bank.

Located in the most dynamically developing area of Chișinău, PORT MALL is the New Center of Gravity for the capital!