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INGLOT is a professional European brand of decorative cosmetics.

The brand belongs to the company INGLOT Ltd, which was founded 40 years ago by the talented chemist Wojtek Inglot. The brand's mission is to produce high-quality products at a fair price. This is a brand that is trusted and recommended by professional makeup artists. It gives every woman the opportunity to choose cosmetics in accordance with her own style, skin characteristics, age and color type.

This is a unique selection from the widest range of cosmetic products. The salons offer more than 400 products for lips, 600 for eyes, 350 products for face, as well as the widest range of nail polishes.


The brand is a leader in innovation in the cosmetics industry thanks to its unique technological developments. INGLOT works with makeup artists and consultants around the world to bring the latest trends, colors, textures and shapes to the market. Products from the HD (High definition) series and the AMC (Advance makeup cosmetics) series are firm favorites among makeup artists.

Today, the INGLOT branded network unites more than 600 retail outlets in 70 countries around the world.